At Forever Flowering, we pride ourselves on making ventiliation a top priority. Our systems utilize passive cooling as our first stage by integrating our ridge vents and side vents to allow hot moist air to escape the structure passively. By using a combination of passive air movement and Schaeffer fans our greenhouse design will save you money on operating costs as well as elongating the lifespan of fans shutters and cooling systems. Ventilation should not be overlooked, and we partner with Shaefer to bring growers the best options on the market.


Why is ventilation so important?

Fresh Air

The key process in plant growth is photosynthesis. And for photosynthesis to happen, carbon dioxide needs to be replenished very frequently. Stale and stagnant air is extremely detrimental to growth. Keep your plants breathing with a solid ventilation system.


We have all heard about the greenhouse effect, and anybody returning to their car on a hot day knows that temperatures skyrocket under clear cover. A proper ventilation system will keep a greenhouse cool enough for plants to flourish. 

Pests and Molds

Stagnant and hot air can be a breeding ground for yield-reducing pests and molds. Having adequate ventilation is a must if you want to stay ahead of the pest and mold battle!

Plant Strength and Vigor

Plants can be extremely resilient, especially if they are trying to adapt to an environmental condition. A proper ventilation system will cause plants enjoy a constant breeze, which makes shoots and stems stronger and more vigorous, which has obvious effects on yield, quality, and flavor.

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